Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Do you feel that finding an Orthodontist that you trust with your child’s teeth and is affordable, can be a hard and daunting task?

At Dr. Zak Family Dental, we help ease some of that worry for you. Our orthodontic team is child-friendly and specialize in aligning and enhancing the aesthetics of your child’s teeth.

Orthodontic treatment requires the use of braces for 18-30 months for full, active treatment but sometimes as little as 6-12 months will do the job.  Ideally, your child should be examined by age 7 because some problems require early intervention and careful growth and eruption monitoring.  Children seen earlier can often be treated without extraction of teeth since the orthodontist can start treatment at the optimal time for that child.

We are also dedicated to helping adults achieve the smile of their dreams while minimizing the embarrassing effects of wearing braces.  Metal braces are not the only option, and we offer a number of nearly invisible solutions as well.

Now you and your entire family can have the perfect looking teeth you’ve always wanted.

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