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Dr. Zak Family Dentistry is determined to give you comprehensive, compassionate, and cost-effective dental care. We are greatly favored providers for many PPO and HMO plans, and we help patients choose a financing option that fits their budget.
The low annual fee includes a yearly exam, x-rays, teeth cleanings, and big savings on various procedures.
The following is a sample of the kind of savings this plan provides:

Sample Treatment
Avg. Fee
Plan Fee
Comprehensive Exam $86 No Charge $86
Full Mouth X-Ray $132 No Charge $132
1st Adult Cleaning $91 No Charge $91
Crown, PFM $1117 $597 $520
Root Canal Single $738 $425 $313
TOTAL $2164 $1022 $1142

*2012 National Dental Advisory Service for 93063

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