Tooth Avulsion

Tooth avulsion is the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket owing to trauma. The treatment for permanent teeth consists of replantation, immediately if possible.

Why replant the tooth within 5 minutes: There is a solid body of research evidence that identifies immediate (within 5 minutes)tooth replacement by replantation, as the most important factor for long-term survival of knocked out (avulsed) teeth.

Two other factors are also of importance:

  • The removal of the dental pulp (the tissues in the central “root canal”) by a dentist within a few days, — this tissue once separated from the body, will die and cause infection, unless it is removed and the root canal disinfected and filled.
  • The person's age at the time of injury — the teeth, roots and jawbones are at different stages of formation and maturity at different ages, both of which may affect treatment decisions.

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